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Synchro Balancer_The world's first CAM

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  • MaterialMetal
  • Weight7 kg


  • South Korea South Korea
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Revolutionary exercise therapy for Parkinson's patients,
hemiplegia, hypertension, diabetes, and surgery.

Introduction: We developed apparatus for sensory-motor function recovery and exercise therapy protocol for patients suffering from inactive atrophy.
Clinical Results: Makes it possible to achieve tangible results and satisfaction through exercise therapy for minor and critical patients from head to toe within 7hours.

Design View (Size: 45 * 47 * 60 (cm))



  • Economy : Affinity design(Custom-made, circulation)
  • Durability : 2-Nos(No power, No noise, no vibration)
  • Application : Recovery exercise for target parts.(3- workout routines)
  • University : Universal design product(All-purpose for people of all ages and both gender.)
  • Appreciation of the beautiful : Compact collection types.


  • Select compatibility : Selecting exercise part and compatibility of hands and feet
  • Safety : immediate put-on/off without preparation action and bottom-up height adjustment.
  • Convenience : Lever system for strength and weakness adjustment and foot support.
  • Sanitation : Available to exchange cover and taste care.


  • Weight flotation system - available to escape from press on joints by lighting weight drastically.
  • Equivalent resistibility movement system- Stimulating two muscles with one action.
  • Curves workout system-Parabola tracking movement along the articular surface.
  • Center moving system-Moving center and automatic recovery and balance measurement.

Applicable targets

  • Using for recovery of arthritis(degenerative, rheumatism)
  • Using for recovery of articulatio humeri, knee joint, hip joint, vertebrae joint and etc.
  • Using for recovery of arthritis caused by weight(After orthopedic surgery, obesity, woman delivered of a child). Using for recovery of pelvic floor muscles disease.(urinary incontinence, decline in energy)

Custom-made & Circuit Exercise



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